About sLowlife

sLowlife is based on an original concept by Roger Hangarter and Dennis DeHart that first appeared as an exhibition at Indiana University’s School of Fine Arts Gallery in 2003. The compelling exhibition beguiled a lay audience into actually observing and thinking about plants. To see more about the original sLowlife exhibit go to sLowlife at SoFA.

The United States Botanic Garden and the Chicago Botanic Garden formed a partnership to rework the exhibition into a durable traveling format under the technical guidance of Roger Hangarter. The project was generously supported by the National Science Foundation, Indiana University, and the American Society of Plant Biologists. The companion guide was written by Christine Flanagan, Ph.D., United States Botanic Garden, with contributions by Roger Hangarter. The sLowlife website was built by Roger Hangarter.

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Financial Support
National Science Foundation
United States Botanic Garden
Chicago Botanic Garden
Indiana University (College of Arts & Science, and the Office of Research)
American Society of Plant Biologists (Education Foundation)

Design, Planning, Scheduling, & more
Roger Vandiver, Chicago Botanic Garden
Susan Boothe, Chicago Botanic Garden
Zina Castanuela, Chicago Botanic Garden
Larry DeBuhr, Chicago Botanic Garden
Barbara Harper, Creative Graphic Communications, Chicago, IL
Kimberly Singleton, Chicago, IL

Exhibit Fabrication
EDE Corporation, Chicago, IL

Media Conversion
Iona Group Inc., Morton, IL



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